Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to setup an account to use Returnit?
Yes, an account is required. Account setup is free and is available to use immediately after signing up. Your account will allow you to keep track of your deliveries and allow you to reprint your tickets should you need to.
Do I need to have access to a printer?
No, a printer is optional. We have both label and label-less options available. If you do have access to a printer you can print off a courier label to attach to your package. Otherwise you can use our 'label-less' option and write a unique booking code on the package along with the delivery address. Both options will be available to you once your shipment order has been placed. Note that if you book a pickup using the label option, you cannot change to then use the label-less option. In this instance the booking will need to be cancelled and rebooked.
What packaging should I use?
Returnit recommends reusing any packaging where at all possible. Use new or used courier bag, a plastic shopping bag, a thick or padded envelope or a small carton. Just ensure the outer layer is robust enough to sustain handling and transit. For online shopping returns you can reuse the bag you received your order in, just turn the bag inside out.
I have booked my pick up but it is still sitting there the next day?
Couriers work on a pick up and delivery cycle so depending on what time of day you book your pick up, will depend on if it is included in that day’s pick up cycle.  Each courier will have a different pick up schedule. It may take up to 48 hours to have your parcel picked up so make sure the designated pick up point is weather proof and not visible from the road.  You can make changes to your pick up point at time of booking your pickup by editing the notes to driver.

Please note that rural pickups can take up to 72hrs.

Double check that you have clicked the ‘BOOK NOW’ button - this is a separate step after you have printed your ticket to ensure you have popped your parcel in the designated place before you book your pickup.

You can find the ‘BOOK NOW’ button when you log back into your account and select the shipment you are wishing to book, if you had already closed the shipment window.
I booked my pick up and the courier turned up before I had packed my item?
ReturnIt recommends that your parcel is packed and ticketed BEFORE you book you pickup.  Your courier could be at your door in 5 mins or 5 hours, but either way, it is important that your parcel is placed in ‘EXACTLY’ the place specified when you set up your account with ReturnIt. If it is not there, your pickup may be deferred to the next working day.  If you become a regular ReturnIt user it is likely you will get to know your courier and they will have your cell to be able to make contact with you.
What is the biggest parcel size I can send with Returnit?
Our service is currently undertaken by courier van so size and weight restrictions apply. An item can be no longer that 1.20m (120cm) and total size can be no more than .12m3.This is calculated by multiplying your package length x height x width so a parcel that is 60cm x 30cm x 20cm you would calculate as .6 x .3 x .2 - this would equal .036m3 so well under the .12m3 allowance. Maximum weight is 25kg.
I am going away and don’t want to leave my parcel out - can I drop off somewhere?
You sure can! Any ticketed item you book with Returnit can alternatively be dropped off at any NZ Post Shop. You can find drop-off locations here. Please note, you can not drop Label Less items to a Post Shop - they must have a printed ticket attached.
I put a phone number on the contact details for pick up but the courier didn’t call?
A phone number is required for if there are any issues with the pick up or delivery, but it is not standard practice to expect the courier driver to call to make a pick up time.  Once you have booked your pick up, it is yours or the senders responsibility to make sure they will either be home, or have left the parcel out in the designated place. If this does not happen, you can cause delays by the courier turning up and there is nothing to pick up.
I haven’t had a notification that my parcel has been delivered yet - who do I contact?
In the first instance please contact the recipient to confirm receipt of the item as sometimes there are glitches in the NZ Post tracking system whereby parcels move through without being scanned and can be delivered without updates to the tracking.

If you have any ongoing issues with your pick up or delivery outside of general tracking queries, please contact us via messenger with your name and shipment number so we can follow up.
My parcel is saying its been delivered but the receiver is saying they haven’t received.
Returnit currently offers only Non Signature Required options. Non signature is still tracked but can be left at the delivery address and is only initialed by the driver and confirmed that it was left at the address by GPS tracking and usually a photo of where it was left. This can be confirmed by requesting a Proof Of Delivery (POD).
How do I get a quote for a custom size parcel?
You will need to ‘get started’ on our website to be able to enter the pick up and delivery addresses, and then dimensions and weight of item. This will give you the price - you do not need to go ahead at that point.

Please note to be very accurate with your measurements as under declaration charges will be incurred and they are $15 plus the difference in size/weight.  Returnit has the right to pass this charge onto you via your account should we be charged by NZ Post. Under declaration charges can take up to a month to come through.
What can’t I send with Returnit?
Anything that is considered a Dangerous Good or a Restricted good. We adhere to NZ Posts guidelines here and you can read about those on their website here.
I've had an additional charge on my credit card, what's happened?
NZ Posts network runs on two different systems; one specifically for courier bags, and the other for packages. The package system accurately scans the weight and size of every parcel to the nearest millimetre and gram. Therefore when sending a parcel that is not in a courier bag please ensure your length x height x width are accurate, and if you are guessing the weight we suggest guessing slightly higher than slightly lower. Any under declared weight or size will not be notified to us until month end and therefore if your parcel has gone through the system with incorrect weight or size you may find an additional charge to your credit card the month following your shipment. There is a $15 admin fee plus the difference in the actual charge of the parcel so we highly recommend you are very accurate with your size and weight details. Alternatively if you book and pay for a courier bag but send a parcel, you will be retrospectively charged the price of a custom send. You may not be notified of any additional charges until after they have gone through, but we will message you to confirm the charge and the reason.