Please see our pricing below for our most commonly used bag sizes. To send anything larger or for items not being sent in a courier bag, please choose the custom option. To get a quote for a custom size, you will need to login or create a free account and enter your pickup and delivery addresses so an accurate price can be provided.

Please note that not all items can be sent with this service. Click here to view a list of excluded items
(Returnit will not be liable for any items sent that fall in to any of these categories)

Rural delivery surcharge is $6.00 per bag and will be added at checkout.



280mm x 190mm
Similar to an A5 Bag



325mm x 255mm
Similar to an A4 Bag



380mm x 300mm
Similar to an A3/FS



440mm x 400mm
Similar to a Lineflow Bag

Custom Sizes


Enter your package's size dimensions during setup of your shipment to confirm pricing.
Maximum weight: 25kg
Maximum Length: 1.2m

Please note that there is a minimum fee of $15 for under-ticketing plus the difference of the under-ticketing discrepancy, so please make sure your package sizing is as accurate as possible.