How it Works

Returnit is the easiest way to send your online shopping returns, simply book and pay online and have your items picked up from your door. There is no complicated account setup or account approval required, simply setup your shipment details and pay online using your credit card. You don't even need a printer if you don't have one! See the steps in more detail below or get started here.

Step 1

Add a pickup address

Create a login for your Returnit account and add your preferred pickup address. You can add additional pickup addresses for future shipments (home address, work address etc)

Step 2

Enter the delivery address

Add a name for your recipient then start typing their street address and choose from the suggested options.

Step 3

Parcel size & payment

Choose from our pre-priced parcel sizes or enter your own parcel dimensions. You can view our pricing page here. Make sure your parcel selection is accurate – under-declaring a parcel size may cause delays in pick up or delivery and will incur extra charges.

You can make payment securely with your Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Step 4

Print ticket or use a code

You can choose to print off a ticket to attach to your parcel, or simply write a unique booking code on your parcel alonger with the delivery address.

Step 5

Book Pick Up

Place your parcel in the pickup location you have entered and then select BOOK NOW.  Pickups typically occur within 24hrs of booking, excluding weekends. If your parcel has not been collected on the day of booking, please bring your parcel indoors if not collected by 5pm and then pop back out the following morning.